Sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Venue: EC KyivExpoPlaza
Amsterdamska str. 1, Zhytomyr Highway M-06, Berezivka Village, Kyiv region, Ukraine

Sponsorship is always more than just participation. This is a great opportunity to present profitably your products to the general public in accordance with your main goals and objectives.


  • It provides your company recognition as a major player on the market
  • It points out profitably your company against competitors
  • It forms the image of your company, as a successful, effective and high status company, dynamically developing in conditions of the contemporary market
  • It promotes the growth of clients’ attention to your product
Sponsorship programs
Title of Sponsorship package Quantity of Sponsors
General sponsor 1
Official Sponsor 1
Sponsor of thematic direction 4
Sponsor of the Official Catalogue 1
Sponsor of the Guide 1
Sponsor of the Invitations 3
Sponsor of visitor’s badges 1
Sponsor of souvenir gifts 1
Sponsor of packages 1
Sponsor of chosen event 20
Advertising Opportunities
Additional Advertising Opportunities
Enclosure of information materials to the participants packages of chosen event
Placement of information banner in the Conference Hall of chosen event
Opportunity of Customer’s souvenirs to participants of chosen event
Placement of image advertisement in the Official Catalogue Format A4
Placement of advertisement in the Invitation
Placement of advertisement in the Guide
Placement of logo in the Guide
Layout of promotional materials on the desks (quantity and volume are discussed separately)
Accreditation of promoters (non-members) (max 2 people)
Participation with report in chosen event (up to 20 minutes)

Additional information about Sponsorship participation:
Tel.: +380 (44) 206-10-15


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