About the project

International exhibition LABComplEX

About International Exhibition LABComplEX
Analytics. Laboratory. Biotechnologies. HI-TECH
September 23–25, 2020

Venue: Ukraine, Kyiv,
40-B Peremohy ave., ACCO International Expo Center, Pushkin Park,
Shuliavska metro station or Politekhnichnyi Instytut metro station

The main event of laboratory industry of Ukraine within which comprises the whole range of equipment, technologies and specialized furniture, supplies as well as range of services for creation, equipping, modernization of all types and kinds of laboratories of various industries, scientific-research field and medicine.


LABComplEX Program
Complex of actual scientific-practical and business events for specialists of the laboratory market
LABComplEX Innovation
Zone of open presentations of the newest equipment and devices, innovations and projects that are used in laboratories.


Laboratory technologies

  • Integrated solutions for laboratories
    (design, equipment, modernization)
  • General laboratory equipment, technic and tools
  • High-tech equipment for laboratories
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Laboratory and chemical ware
  • Chemical reagents and consumables
  • Automation
  • “Clean rooms” technologies
  • Special clothing, personal protective equipment, disinfection
  • Mobile Laboratories
  • Data processing systems, software

  • Analytical laboratory equipment
  • Laboratory test instruments and technologies
  • Diagnostic, testing equipment
  • Software
  • Instrumental analysis
  • Quality Control

  • Bio analysis
  • Biotechnology chemistry
  • Laboratory equipment for biotechnology laboratories
  • Biotechnology equipment
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Rapid diagnostics
Laboratory medicine

  • Equipment, machines and tools for medical laboratories, auxiliary laboratory equipment
  • Laboratory furniture, ware
  • Chemical reagents, consumables and test systems
  • Special clothing, personal protective equipment, disinfectants
  • Equipping of mobile laboratories
  • Information technology, software
  • Automation of medical laboratories
  • Standardization and certification of medical laboratories

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